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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Horrible Words & Phrases to Avoid in Your Resume

As everyone knows, a resume is one of the most important part of a interview process, it will be the candidate’s responsibility to prepare their resume in such a way that it will grasp the recruiters attention in just few seconds and impress them. So, as the recruiters demand a perfect resume from their potential employees, you as a candidate must take care of each and every section in your resume.So, as the words you use in your resume must be very carefully used, there are few unneeded words that can be avoided from including it in your resume, as these words doesn’t attract the present recruiters anymore.So, here are few such words and phrases that is better to avoid from the resume.

1. The word ‘Experienced’:

Yes, we agree that you are an experienced candidate who has got already few years of experience in their professional life in other companies or company. But, as the word ‘experienced’ sounds like a much general word as well as a word that is very vague to understand, try to be specific if you want to explain the recruiters that you are experienced. Like for example, make a note of all the projects you have completed successfully in your previous company or companies, try to explain how successful you were in convincing your clients you were assigned to deal with and also mention about the level of profit the company gained through your hard work and also include all the other facts that you are trained in your previous professions that can get you a call from the recruiters for the interview session.

2. Words like ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Motivated’: 

 It is accepted that these powerful words might describe your personality in a better way in the eyes of your recruiter, but it is better to quit them using in your resume as you need to leave it for the company to decide how good you are. Apart from that, if these skills are not necessary for the job you are applying for, it is better to quit those words from the resume and instead use other words or skills that are been expected by the recruiter. More than that, using the words like ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Motivated’ on the resume is of no use unless and until you try and prove it practically.

3. Use of the word ‘High School’:
Yes, use of the word ‘High school’ is not at all necessary, especially if you have completed your Masters and PhD in your academic life. If your recruiters get to know about your higher education and in which subject you have completed it, definitely for them high school results doesn’t matter for a greater extent.

4. The word ‘Communication skills’:

All the companies in the world expect their potential employees to be very much communicative by nature, no matter which position or the department you serve for. So, there is nothing unique in describing yourself as a very communicative person in your resume as that might be mentioned by everyone who has submitted their resume for the same post for which you have applied. So, if you are smart enough you can use your good communicative skills by impressing the recruiters face to face than putting it on papers, just for the sack of filling the gap.

5. Mentioning your ‘Hobbies’ and ‘Interest’:
It is advised to keep these two words away as far as possible because, you are preparing a professional resume and not filling up an audition application. A recruiter just wants to see your academic background and the professional skills you have adapted in your personality or in your work-nature. It is advised to keep your resume short and simple, by providing just the needed information to them.

6. References can be done upon request:

This can be the most disastrous phrase you will end up putting it at the end of all the well prepared resumes that can just grab your chance of getting an interview call from the recruiters. This can be considered as a useless and a stupid phrase that has no sense in it if you are really worthy of that profession. Instead of putting these words on your resume, it is better to give in more details about your experience and the targets you have met in your previous positions.

If it is your first job you are trying for, in such situations you can provide the details of your projects you accomplished in your academic life, how hard it was and how did you find the proper way to be successful in it. 


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