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Friday, 22 February 2013

RGV spits fire on politicians comments on Hyderabad Twin Blasts

Maverick movie director Ram Gopal Varma is not a man who minces words. He is known to take on the biggest of personalities with the choicest of words if necessary and he was in full flow yesterday after the horrific bomb blasts in Hyderabad. He expressed his anger through a series of tweets. He targeted politicians for their callous nature and for making cliched statements in the aftermath of such terror attacks. See what he had to say through a series of tweets.

Bomb peludu khandisthunnamu anna cm gaari dilagu 1965 black nd white cinemala nunchi vintunnanu …aragadeesina paraakashta dilagu idhi
Delhi nunchi special teams rappisthunnam ane maata ki ardham local teams vedhavalanaa?
Politicianlu bomb blast baadhitulaki praghaada saanubhoothini birthday gift ichhinattu isthunnaru
Pm gaaru Digbhraanti vyaktham cheyyakunda santhosham vyaktham chestharani anukunnama manam? politicians need good writers like kona venkat
Pelulla pai vichaarana jaripistham anna shinde gaari dialigue ee dashaabdhanike most original high light dialogue waaahhhhh

RGV’s anger is definitely justified and for once, his statements are being widely applauded by everyone. What do you think folks?


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